"Follow Me" Loved by Viewers, Now on YouTube

Today, we're launching Follow Me on YouTube as part of WIll Sasso's channel. Please take a look at it there so we can build our self esteem with more views, shares and likes! 

Last week Convoy Entertainment premiered Follow Me as Vimeo's Short of the Week. The response from viewers and press alike has been tremendously positive. Aside from making plenty of laughs, people "get it" on a social commentary level as well, and that is really gratifying for us to see.

So far Follow Me has also been featured on Mashable, Gizmodo, Reddit, The Daily Dot, AV Club, Fast Company, The Interro Bang, and The Awesomer, just to name a few. We know that, after watching it yourself a few times, you can't wait to read about how wonderful other people think it is, too. So, as a public service to our fan, here's some choice excerpts:

What goes on in between filming those funny viral videos just may break your heart. (It will make you laugh too, though.)
— Joe Berkowitz, Fast Company
a damn funny one, providing prescient social commentary as well as consistent laughs
— Ivan Kander, Short of the Week
perfectly spoofs the fame-hungry dads of the internet
— Audra Schroeder, The Daily Dot
Will Sasso captures this soft tragedy with heartbreaking precision
— Clayton Purdom, AV Club
a funny—if bleak—look at what trying to be an influencer looks like from the outside
— Christina Warren, Gizmodo