We create tailor-made spots and branded content.

Whether you need to create a full campaign for nationally-televised spots, or shareable digital spots and vignettes, Convoy is a proven partner to develop your messages and get noticed.



Nationally-televised spots may be bigger productions, but the competition to get your viewers attention is tougher than ever, and budgets remain a top concern. Convoy creates memorable, high value spots that engage audiences.


Some messages have a niche audience or a particular approach better suited to online. While budgets may be tighter, viewers expectations remain high. Convoy has a proven capability to deliver compelling content scaled to digital budgets.

Original Content

All our work starts with story and character. When we're not shaping them to support your brand's messaging, we enjoy bringing our own personal stories to life. 



Convoy works directly with brands' in-house team and their selected partners to develop campaigns, and then follows through with producing/directing the spots and delivering the finished project. Our clients find the direct relationship refreshing, delivering faster turnaround, lower costs, and better results.



Online delivery is a huge opportunity.


Now brands can create more targeted stories than ever before. With the lower  costs of online distribution, you can create more content with greater differentiation. Convoy brings the same level of creativity and engagement to these projects as we do our Broadcast work, only with an approach tailored to a different audience and usually a smaller budget. The possibilities are endless.



Looking at human behavior, we prefer to laugh before crying.


Making commercials is a business, but art remains a core component in everything we create. Convoy's original content are stories we make for ourselves that we hope will resonate with others.

Some of  our most-recent stories tell of a neglectful father narcissistically-obsessed with social media fame (Follow Me); an extremely abusive, narcissistic head football coach (Division III: Football's Finest); a group of narcissist friends who must rain on each other's parade (Dream Crushers). Maybe there's a theme here?